Supporting Digitalization in Africa

The Digital Transformation Center is a Rwandan-German initiative aimed at developing impact-driven digital solutions in Africa. Therefore, it not only provides advisory services and training for government institutions and local tech companies, but also a modern space to boost creativity and collaboration.


Smart Cities

Smart City Digital Solutions gather data from various Internet of Things (IoT) devices and propose actions to manage assets, resources and services efficiently. With this in mind, we developed digital solutions with local tech companies to transform cities into smart cities.


Over the past couple of years digital solutions have penetrated all kinds of areas and also the medical sector. Hence, the DigiCenter has supported the Rwandan Government in implementing a solution to digitize the supply chain of blood bags.

Smart Agriculture

With the changing climate, farmers are confrontated with changing conditions and need to adjust from tradional farming to new approaches. Therefore, digital solutions are key to address this challenge and to support sustainable agriculture as well as to ensure food security.


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Working together to create an inclusive Tech-Ecosystem with the Digital Ecosystem Mapping Tool

Working together to create an inclusive Tech-Ecosystem with the Digital Ecosystem Mapping Tool

Startups in Rwanda often rely exclusively on personal networks to do business. Moreover, collaboration is limited and there is a risk of double efforts happening in the country. Raising funds is difficult, limiting startups in growing or surviving at the market. Read here how the Digital Ecosystem Mapping Tool can solve this issue serving as a directory and matchmaking platform for tech-companies and investors.

Success Stories

	My Way Digital Walking Stick Success Story making life easier for visually impaired people in Rwanda and Africa


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