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The Digital Transformation Center is a Rwandan-German initiative aimed at developing impact-driven digital solutions in Africa. Therefore, it not only provides advisory services and training for government institutions and local tech companies, but also a modern space to boost creativity and collaboration.


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Labour Market Information System

Several Government institutions like ministries and district offices, civil society, embassies as well as government partners have websites to show their work. However, most of these sites have different designs and CMS engines which makes it hard for the user to know where to find relevant services.

Digital Ecosystem mapping Tool

Robotics innovation challenge

Picture a world where students are not just learners but creators, armed with the indispensable skills of STEM, problem-solving, programming, design, and robotics. Get ready to witness the sparks of innovation and creativity that will transform education as we know it! In this info session we will share more about the Robotics innovation Program & how you can be part of it..

Digital Literacy for Farmers

Digital skills are becoming increasingly essential for successfully living, learning and working in the 21st Century and it isimportant that farmers are not left behind. In an effort to make a change, with the support of One Acre Fund, we have been able to train 20,000 farmers in Rwamagana, Musanze and Gakenke districts in digital literacy skills. These farmers are being trained to use tools on their mobile devices which make running their business more efficient and more profitable. Through this training, 15,000 women, 5,000 men and over 200 People with Disabilities have benefited. 

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