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The Digital Transformation Center is a fully equipped innovation hub with several board rooms, event space and innovation labs. It is a space for collaboration and development of digital solutions from Africans for Africans, events about current ICT topics and trends, training and capacity-development, as well as networking.

When we say digital, we do not simply mean taking paper forms and putting them online or building apps and websites. The DigiCenter is a space where we rethink and redesign processes and interactions between the government and its citizens. We leverage technologies to work in new ways and solve problems.

Opened in May 2019, the DigiCenter was originally funded by the Digital Solutions for Sustainable Development Program. This program is implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

Over the last 2 years, four other projects have joined the Digital Transformation Center and its ambition to foster the digital transformation in Rwanda. The Center aims at being the bridge between the private sector, public sector, academia and civil society with different activities targeted towards different groups in Rwanda to create a flourishing tech-ecosystem through a holistic approach.

Digital Solutions for Sustainable Development (DSSD)
The purpose of DSSD is to support digital transformation in Rwanda through developing digital solutions from Africans for Africans. This process is accompanied by efforts to strengthen the tech-ecosystem through ICT trainings and the support to communities of practice. More and more people need to be included to reach Rwanda’s ambitious goal to become a digital and knowledge-based economy. That is why DSSD also supports the digital inclusion of vulnerable people such as the rural population, women and people with disabilities.
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Make-IT in Africa

Make-IT in Africa believes in African innovation and digital technologies for a green and sustainable development. In close collaboration with start-ups, local innovation enablers and political partners, Make-IT empowers entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystems. Together, Make-IT aims to strengthen an environment in which the full potential of digital innovation can unfold.

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FAIR Forward

FAIR Forward – Artificial Intelligence for All strives for a more open, inclusive and sustainable approach to AI on the international level. In Rwanda, the project focuses on strengthening AI skills and capacities, fostering access to open AI training data and technologies, and developing AI policy frameworks based on international best practices.

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Africa Cloud

The Africa Cloud global project aims to reach young people through innovative e-learning offers that are provided on the e-learning platform Atingi. Educational contents for students, entrepreneurs and professionals are developed locally and geared towards improving vocational training and employability for the jobs of the future.

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Support to the Smart Africa Secretariat

This project supports the Smart Africa Secretariat in the region. Its main role is to strengthen the management through technical and methodological capacity support of the Smart Africa Secretariat.

oUR Work

Together with the local and international private sector, research institutions and civil society, the DigiCenter promotes the development of meaningful digital solutions. Therefore, each IT-solution addresses an issue in society or environment and directly contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). For this purpose, our strategy is based on three pillars.

Innovation Studio

Developing impact-driven digital solutions is crucial to make services accessible for everyone and improve lives of vulnerable groups. That is why we use the studio to research new technologies and its potential applications.

Capacity building & Culture Change

Strengthening capacities of ministries helps them to develop ICT strategies and polices as well as optimize business processes. For this purpose, we organize study tours, facilitate coaching and conduct studies with government officials.


Equipping community members with digital and management skills as well as connections is necessary to enhance new ideas and create jobs. Therefore, we bring innovators together with the right contacts to boost collaboration and enhance dialogue.

We are committed to continue reinventing ourselves to stay relevant and ahead of technology trends.

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