Organizational Support

The support of our partner authorities such as MINICT and RISA is an important concern for us in order to be able to ensure sustainable support for the digital transformation in Rwanda. This can only work in the long term with strengthened authorities. The Digital Transformation Center is therefore pursuing various approaches to position our partner authorities as digital transformation champions in the short and long term.


Support to the Smart Africa Secretariat
Supporting the African Union has been a mandate for GIZ for several years. However, for some time now, GIZ has also been supporting the African Union’s digital organization – the Smart Africa Secretariat.
In particular, important capacities are to be strengthened through a competence model and a monitoring and evaluation framework is to be established in order to be able to measure the effects on all people in the long term. This is in line with the leave no one behind approach, and to develop inclusive measures.
The cooperation with Smart Africa will also create an important intersection for scaling the solutions developed in the Digital Transformation Center on an intercontinental scale. In the past, GIZ has supported the Smart Africa Secretariat to host the Transform Africa Summit in Rwanda.
Integrated Experts
Integrated Experts are recruited by the DigiCenter to then operate in one of the partner authorities in the long term. They bring many years of experience in IT project management or more specific topics such as policy consulting. From 2021, the Digital Transformation Center will support a consultant for MINICT’s Policy Lab, while since 2019, a consultant has been based at RISA to support project management.
RISA Innovation Pipeline
RISA has a mandate to lead the implementation of ICT policy in Rwanda and streamline research, innovation, and infrastructure investment, including the digitization of government services, to fast-track economic growth.

RISA works in collaboration with many government actors to realize these objectives and receives a broad range of requests from government actors for support.
The purpose of the innovation program is to strengthen RISAs capacity to operate effectively when analyzing problems, ideating, negotiating, and servicing its counterparts in their business process.

The program will have a conceptual framework on the one hand and then also have project management tools on the other hand, both working in tandem to achieve organizational objectives of RISA.
The innovation pipeline will streamline the operational structure of all government of Rwanda IT efforts and innovation key players, programs, and projects under one framework. This will create an environment of efficiency on how IT related government efforts and activities in the ecosystem are carried out.

Communities bring stakeholders from both public and private institutions together and encourage Rwandans interested in the above topics to innovate solutions to the existing problems.

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