Emerging technologies like IoT come with endless new opportunities for Africa. Consequently, there is a need for highly skilled IoT-innovaters all over the continent. That is why the DigiCenter is hosting workshops to train Rwanda’s IoT-professionals of tomorrow.

Emerging technologies are on the rise to solve social challenges on the African continent. Especially, Internet of Things (IoT) already plays a major role in different sectors. IoT’s practical applications allow for last-mile connectivity and realtime data monitoring offering endless new opportunities. For example, IoT is already in use to provide clean water and improve food security through efficient irrigation systems.

Given these points, the need for highly skilled IoT-innovators becomes conspicuous. That is why we started hosting IoT-trainings in cooperation with Special Initiative Training and Job Creation program (GIZ) at the DigiCenter. The training sessions are facilitated by the STES group who have a successful track record in designing and carrying out workshops on the use of IoT in Innovation Design.

What is the training about?

The main goal of the training is to elevate participants’ skills. Particularly, the training shall increase their employment opportunities, improve designs in their work, and create a better understanding of IoT in product design. Moreover, the training is free for the participants. In total, 9 sessions of 4 days with 35 participants each will be hosted.

Trainings focused on practical relevance

Our IoT-trainings have a very practical focus based on real-world challenges. For example, in one of the sessions, the participants team up and ideate scenarios where the technology can be used in daily life applications. Until now, the teams built different intelligent transport management gadgets. One of the teams came up with car fleet management modules that monitor over speeding and fuel stops. Another team built gadgets that monitor the number of passengers on a bus to prevent overcrowding. Even though these gadgets are crude prototypes, the ideas are brilliant. 

Missed this opportunity?

The DigiCenter is hosting all kinds of IT trainings and workshops throughout the year. Let us know, if you would like to participate in one of our future opportunities.