Over the past few months, Digital Transformation Center has had the amazing opportunity to collaborate and support the travel of our partners to attend the Ghana Innovation Week and a training organized by the Mashav Caramel Training Center in Israel. Both these trips were initiated and aimed at giving people insight on skills development and strengthening collaborations and partnerships with the different stakeholders outside of their familiar surroundings.  

Israel business Accelerator Training
DigiCenter Mashav Training Conference

Business Accelerator Training in Israel

During the course of 24th of  October to 2nd of November 2021, DigiCenter together with Mashav Caramel Training Center collaborated in a regional training course. Ten participants from Rwanda were selected to participate in a training trip that took place in Israel. The aim of having the participants travel was to provide them with skills and knowledge on areas such as ecosystem development, brand building, innovation and entrepreneurship support.

The training course covered a series of 7 topics that followed:  

1. Innovation Generation Process.

4. Business Accelerators and Incubators.


2. Understanding Innovation Management

5. Key Factors to Accelerate Startups Growth.

7. Business Models.


3. Ecosystem building and development.


6. Brand strategy Development.

MASHAV’s approach during the training was to ensure social, economic ,and environmentally sustainable development. Throughout, they aimed at taking active part in the international community’s process of shaping the Post-2015 Agenda. This was to define the new set of the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  MASHAV’s activities focused primarily on areas in which Israel has a competitive advantage. Moreover, the activities included agriculture and rural development; water resources management; entrepreneurship and innovation; community development; medicine and public health; empowerment of women and education in partnership with GIZ. 

In conclusion to the course training, participants were able to analyze key factors related to fostering an innovative culture. Specifically in the business environment, and practice with different methodologies and tools.

Study Trip to attend the Ghana Digital Innovation Week

In November 2021, the DigiCenter organized a study tour for four members of the Rwanda ICT Chamber to attend the Ghana Digital Innovation Week. The study tour to Ghana was preceded by two virtual meetings. During these meetings, both chambers had the opportunity to connect on a personal level. They also developed common values and based goals for future collaborations. One of these goals is to understand each other’s market. Furthermore to make it easier for companies to thrive in these new markets. The tour was then organized to further strengthen this collaboration.  

The Study Trip was aimed and targeted to:

  • Strengthen the relationship between the Rwanda ICT Chamber and Ghana Chamber of Technology
  • Facilitate an organic and forward-looking meeting, to initiate project ideas that build a foundation to a longterm partnership. 
  • Ease the access to other markets for tech companies.

Throughout the Ghana Innovation Week, participants were also able to use this opportunity to gain information on concrete projects, challenges and local conditions. Without delay, both chambers agreed on actionable steps. Likewise these included a helpdesk for companies which would like to expand their business into Rwanda or Ghana. 

Impression from the Ghana Digital Innovation Week 2021

Study Trips are only one of the activities we promote at the DigiCenter. If you would like to get to know more about our work, have a look at our solutions and events, and follow us on social media.