Event Space

In order to support the development of new digital solutions, the DigiCenter created a central open area for events like hackathons, competitions and networking meetups. At this point, it can host over 100 people and convert from one main space to several sub spaces.  

Developer Space

To implement meaningful solutions and applications, developers need a place they can test code end-to-end and share results between team members without interference. That is why the developer space provides a flexible environment for solutions development as well as for encouraging teamwork and creativity.  

Innovation Lab at the DigiCenter in Rwanda

Industry 4.0 Transfer Lab

In order to transform how our societies work and communicate, we need to think of emerging technologies; Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and Block-chain to drive this change. Naturally, the Transfer Lab was created as a research lab for teams working on emerging technologies.


Virtual and Augmented reality (VR/AR) bring unlimited possibilities for teaching and learning processes. For this purpose, this lab was setup to make solutions development more interactive, engaging, and efficient. In other words, it is a meeting point where content creators and inventors form ideas and display them in VR/AR 

Co-working Space

The DigiCenter provides a modern coworking space for its partners that boosts collaboration and fosters creativity. Therefore, the area has several meeting rooms, a board room and working stations.  

Relaxation Space

We believe that having relaxation and break rooms helps increase productivity. That is why we set up an area where people can go to relax, have a chat and network. At this time, the space includes a sitting lounge, kitchen, pool table and table tennis.


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