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Ensuring efficiency during bus rides often poses a challenge for bus drivers. Naturally, they cannot predict the number of passengers at the next bus stopStandard routes require to stop at every station which can cost time if no passenger awaits there.

GERAYO intervenes here through using computer vision and machine learning. Specifically, the system determines the exact number of passengers at bus stops, manages traffic lights and optimizes bus pickups and routes. Therefore, it gives an overview of current traffic developments and can function as a smart traffic regulation tool. In other words, it is saving time and increases efficiency.


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Intelligent Transport Management System

Public Transport in Rwanda is the most used medium of transport especially for lower and middle-income earners. On the contrary, getting from one point to another during peak hours at low cost is a challenge in most African citiesOften, the reality consists of long queues, overcrowded buses and lacking efficiency due to unnecessary stops at empty bus stops.  

The Intelligent Transport Management System offers a solution in form of a route optimization system that can show passengers when the buses will arrive so they can plan their journeys and work appointments on time. Therefore, it improves public transportation reliability, journey time, comfort, convenience, accessibility and connectivity based on a smart Fleet Management System (FMS), Driver Management System (DMS), Real Time Passenger Information System (RTPIS), and Performance Monitoring Hub System (PMS).


  • Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority

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