Artificial Intelligence developers and innovators are in high demand on the job market. Therefore, our trainings support skilled newcomers to gain knowledge in machine learning and enable them to create new products and services.

Knowledge in artificial intelligence becomes increasingly important. As a result, the demand for highly skilled developers and innovators for the Rwandan local tech ecosystem is steadily increasing. Therefore, the Digital Transformation Center is supporting the knowledge transfer and skill development in artificial intelligence. In partnership with Exponent Africa, the Digital Transformation Center is hosting 9 sessions as an intensive 4-day deep dive into machine learning. These trainings are taking place for a period of 6 months from January to May 2020. Furthermore, our facilitator Exponent Africa has a successful track record in carrying out trainings on machine learning. The instructors especially focus on how inventors and technology startups can incorporate machine learning in their own engineering.

What is the training about?

The machine learning training is tailored to give participants fundamental skills and hands-on practice. Additionally, it concentrates on how to apply machine learning techniques and tools to solve real world challenges.

Machine Learning is penetrating our daily lives more and more and is applied in several industries.

Health Care Services

Machine learning provides tools and techniques for the diagnosis of a variety of diseases. Wearables with built-in sensors gather these relevant Information.

Financial Services

Transactional data/information can detect and prevent fraud.


Learning analytics can analyze students’ performance in real time and modify teaching methods as well as curricula based on data.

Transport Services

Travel patterns can positively influence personalized travel information, dynamic travel management and traffic jam management.

E-Commerce Services

Future products can be the result of the analysis of purchase histories of customers.

Furthermore, the course introduces more advanced approaches such as Deep Learning. This includes complex problems like image recognition, speech recognition, or natural language processing. Additionally, the course equips participants like startups with skills to use these tools. As a result, it will enable them to create new solutions and products for the local and regional tech market.

Missed this opportunity?

The DigiCenter is hosting all kinds of IT trainings and workshops throughout the year. Let us know, if you would like to participate in one of our future opportunities.