Many companies and particularly startups face challenges due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. It is now even important for these organizations to collaborate and get access to funding. With its new rollout, Innovate Rwanda comes with new features and sections which boost support for companies on the platform.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses in Rwanda have adapted to the ever-changing lockdown conditions. Due to the constantly changing rules and regulations, it was inevitable for different services to evolve.
As a matter of fact, there has been changes in certain sectors. For example, many logistics and delivery services in Kigali have emerged over the past couple of months. With several e-commerce companies arising, food and beverage companies have gone online. Nowadays, meetings happen online on various online meeting platforms and the traffic is growing. Furthermore, schools created e-learning platforms to allow students to continue learning and ensure continuity of the syllabus.

Following this trend, even the startup ecosystem is now online with the Innovate Rwanda platform. First launched in 2019, Innovate Rwanda has got a facelift over the past couple of months. New features are now available that can enable the ecosystem to survive through the Covid-19 pandemic.

New features for the company directory platform Innovate Rwanda

Innovate Rwanda can now enable the ecosystem players to reach out through the platform using new user-friendly features. In order to keep the ecosystem informed and vibrant, these include a proper blog section for success stories, the new integrated events management section for more online events, webinars, meetups and many more.

Another new feature is the showing interest in function. Not only can companies show what fields they work in but also choose what fields they are interested in. For example, an Agritech startup can display their interest in e-commerce. These kinds of analytics can then inform the ecosystem to reach out and collaborate in various ways.

New sections on Innovate Rwanda and more to come

In similar fashion, there is a new section for government institutions that is now separate from ecosystem enablers and startups. Henceforth, startup and ecosystem enablers have internal and email notifications enabled to keep them plugged-in even when being away from the platform to return and sort issues.

In addition, a section called “Find talent” has been created to allow tech startups in the ecosystem to hire engineers for short term projects on the platform as a form of collaboration module.

In conclusion, the Innovate Rwanda platform is going to continue improving its features. The main goal is to ensure it can serve the Rwandan tech ecosystem appropriately in these trying times and beyond.

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