The Rwanda Information Society Authority (RISA) is implementing complex and large-scale projects across different public sectors. That is why it’s crucial for RISA to have skilled employees who can champion the digital transformation nationwide. Therefore, the digital solutions for sustainable development project (DSSD) is supporting RISA with various coachings on different skills.

The Government of Rwanda puts considerable efforts in digitizing its services and information. While cutting unnecessary processes, it is saving cost and time making it more effective and efficient. On the one hand, this includes crafting digital strategies in different sectors. On the other hand, it implies developing technology blueprints of ministries and other public institutions. Moreover, the design and implementation of digital solutions as well as the support to public servants on the use of these technologies complete this approach.

RISA implements different digital transformation projects of great complexity and size. Unquestionably, these projects require experts and specialists in different technology domains. For this purpose, RISA has recruited many new talents on the frontline to digitize the various public sectors such as health, education, justice, commerce, among others.

Developing general capacities at RISA

In order to equip RISA staff with industry expertise and best practices, DSSD has supported various trainings for different specializations. Using different approaches and means especially new staff benefitted from the trainings.

RISA Staff as Digital Transformation Champions

So far, a number of trainings have been conducted with RISA staff. In total, 51 RISA employees participated in a workshop, while some of the coachings are still ongoing.

Project Management

This on-the-job-coaching in Project Management practices had a strong focus on capability and competence. That is to support the Government in delivering its digital programs and projects. As a result, efficiency could be increased saving costs and utilizing resources more effectively.

Business Analysis

In this Business Analysis workshop, RISA staff gained a deeper understanding of business challenges. The government must ensure that any adopted digital solution addresses its own business needs and risks.

Software Integration

This expert coaching introduced techniques and tools to implement and test applications with a focus on solution security, data analytics, usability, and increased functionality.

Enterprise Architecture

In this training, RISA staff gained techniques and hands-on skills for designing, planning, implementing, and governing an enterprise information technology architecture.


In this on-the-job-training, RISA staff learned more about design, implementation, and troubleshooting of enterprise public institutions networks.

Typo 3

This expert coaching addressed design, deployment, and troubleshooting of typo3 systems used on different government platforms for an enhanced quality of service.

Our RISA coachings are only one of the many activities at the DigiCenter to support Rwanda in its digitalization efforts. If you want to find out more about what we do, have a look at our events or solutions, and feel free to contact us.

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