Digital Ecosystem Mapping - Innovate Rwanda

Local actors in countries like Rwanda rely exclusively on personal networks and word of mouth to follow their everyday activities. Naturally, this makes it difficult raising funds or collaborating on a national and international scale. As a result, lots of start-ups go bankrupt in the first 24 months.

In order to solve this challenge, Innovate Rwanda was born. It is a web based digital platform designed as a directory and matchmaking platform for mapping the Rwandan tech eco-system. Furthermore, it allows for democratization of capital and is the cornerstone of working together. In other words, it is a directory of tech start-ups, ESOs, enablers, funders, investors, and mentors.

The platform can be accessed via with collaboration tools enabled, a directory of start-ups and other key players. All are aimed at fostering one stop collaboration. Moreover, membership signup functions, communication modules, analytics and an archive with resources relevant for companies are available.


    • Japan Internation Corporation Agency
    • ICT Chamber
    • Startup Compound
    • Kigali Innovation City
    • Rwanda Information Society Authority

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    For more information about the Digital Ecosystem Mapping Tool see our solution onepager.

    Labor Market Information System

    Until now, total disaggregation and lack of access to information dominated the labor demand and labor supply indicators of Rwanda. Even though most of this data is available at the national institute of statistics, there is no proper medium available for academia or other decision makers.

    For that reason, the Labor Market Information System integrates with other partner’s systems. As a result, this enables exchange of data and information in order to produce labor market insights. Consequently, this data overview leads to greater stability of the Rwandan labor market. In addition, these improvements are to facilitate long term planning with line ministries MIFOTRA, MINICOFIN and implementing agencies like CESB and others.


    • Rwanda Development Board
    • GIZ program Eco Emploi
    • Private Sector Federation
    • Ministry of Public service and Labor

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    For more information about the Labor Market Information System see our solution onepager.

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