When Digital Transformation is combined with Art, interesting art pieces can be expected. This blogpost gives insights into our Digital Art Exhibition at the DigiCenter introducing new African artist’s work under the theme Afrotopism.

After one month of intensive preparing, yesterday finally marked the big day. The Digital Solutions for Sustainable Development (DSSD) team hosted the first Digital Art Exhibition in Rwanda at the DigiCenter. Seven digital artists presented their work under the theme Afrotopism. The idea was born by the creator’s platform Maison Beaulier under the direction of Kevin Beaulier, who had coached the artists in a workshop over several weeks.

Afrotopism – The Future of Africa

The theme Afrotopism is an homage to the future of the African continent. It describes how the artists see people or their surrounding in the future. It leaves enough room for optimistic and pessimistic visions. As a result, the Digital Art Exhibition featured both flourishing as well as destructive scenarios for the future of Africa.

Transforming creative ideas into Digital Art Pieces

However, not only the artists’ ideas were unique, but also the digital realization of their art. The artists used their creativity through Augmented Reality, Digital Painting, Multi-Screen Video or QR Code embedding. These were either integrated as fully digital or partly digital pieces. The following video gives an insight into one of the artist’s work and documents the several stages the artists went through to finish his art piece.

Connected – Katurebe Beni Noel
‘Being connected to the universe and nature will be the future of Africa.’

Melting Digital Solutions with other aspects of our lives

All in all, the event was a success not only for the artists who could expand their own visibility, but also the DSSD team. We are constantly exploring new ways of melting digital solutions with other aspects of life.

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