fill the form below to apply for a voucher

The DigiCenter will assess all applications received and will evaluate them based on a pre-set criterion. 

The application process for a voucher is as follows: 

  • Interested SMEs/start-ups will complete the below online application form for a voucher based on the service(s) they’re interested in, where they will  outline their specific needs and a rationale for why they need the tailored consultancy service(s). 
  • The DigiCenter will then review the applications. The selection will be based on the predefined criteria below. Once the application and all required materials are submitted, the DigiCenter will evaluate the applications.
  • If the application is deemed invalid, the committee will communicate to the applicant with comments on necessary corrections if relevant or notification of rejection. 
  • If the application is deemed valid, the applicant will be informed on the next steps. 
  • The DigiCenter team is responsible to inform all applicants by email within ten business days about the decision (valid or invalid). 

Applicants should complete this application and all necessary documentation required to be eligible for a voucher